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Clean up pandas merging notebooks.

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* Week 5 [Intro to Pandas](Pandas-DataFrames/05-PandasWeather.ipynb)
* Week 6 [Plotting with Seaborn](Visualisation/06_Seaborn.ipynb)
* Week 7 [Aggregating and Grouping Data](Pandas-DataFrames/07-AggregationGrouping.ipynb)
* Week 8 [Merging and Joining Data](Pandas-DataFrames/Merging/04-MergeJoinIntro.ipynb)
* Week 8 [Merging and Joining Data](Pandas-DataFrames/Merging/MergeJoinIntro.ipynb)
* Week 9 [Intro to Linear Regression](Machine-Learning/Supervised-Methods/Regression/03-IntroLinearRegression.ipynb)
* Week 10 [Intro to Linear Regression (Dupe?)](Machine-Learning/Supervised-Methods/Regression/03-IntroLinearRegression.ipynb)
* Week 11 [K Nearest Neighbours (kNN) Classification](Machine-Learning/Supervised-Methods/K-Nearest-Neighbours/12-kNN.ipynb)
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