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smux is a wrapper around slurm and tmux. It allows tmux sessions to
run on a compute node under a slurm job and takes care of deternining
which compute node the job is on and running ssh. Its supposed to be simliar to
tmux, but with slurm job ids or names instead of tmux session names.
It replaces sinteractive.
smux supports a lot of slurm sbatch options but not all of them. You can add them
pretty easily by looking at the code, I've only added the ones asked for
......@@ -9,9 +22,4 @@ If you don't increment the version in you may want to
`pip install --upgrade --force-reinstall`
Use `sbatch ./120gb` to start the session, then `smux attach-session` to attach to it. The sbatch part should be integrated into smux new-session
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