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[![Build Status](](
[![Read the Docs](](
Spack is a multi-platform package manager that builds and installs
multiple versions and configurations of software. It works on Linux,
......@@ -53,11 +54,20 @@ packages to bugfixes, or even new core features.
### Mailing list
If you are interested in contributing to spack, the first step is to join
the mailing list. We're Google Groups for this. Join here:
If you are interested in contributing to spack, join the mailing list.
We're using Google Groups for this:
* [Spack Google Group](
### Slack channel
Spack has a Slack channel where you can chat about all things Spack:
* [Spack on Slack](
[Sign up here]( to get an invitation mailed
to you.
### Contributions
Contributing to Spack is relatively easy. Just send us a
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