1. 13 Aug, 2020 15 commits
    • Massimiliano Culpo's avatar
      Move Python 2.6 unit tests to Github Actions (#17279) · 1707448f
      Massimiliano Culpo authored
      * Run Python2.6 unit tests on Github Actions
      * Skip url tests on Python 2.6 to reduce waiting times
      * Skip foreground background tests on Python 2.6 to reduce waiting times
      * Removed references to Travis in the documentation
      * Deleted install_patchelf.sh (can be installed from repo on CentOS 6)
    • Patrick Gartung's avatar
      Buildcache: bindist test without invoking spack compiler wrappers. (#15687) · 4d254814
      Patrick Gartung authored
      * Buildcache:
         * Try mocking an install of quux, corge and garply using prebuilt binaries
         * Put patchelf install after ccache restore
         * Add script to install patchelf from source so it can be used on Ubuntu:Trusty which does not have a patchelf pat package. The script will skip building on macOS
         * Remove mirror at end of bindist test
         * Add patchelf to Ubuntu build env
         * Revert mock patchelf package to allow other tests to run.
         * Remove depends_on('patchelf', type='build') relying instead on
         * Test fixture to ensure patchelf is available.
      * Call g++ command to build libraries directly during test build
      * Flake8
      * Install patchelf in before_install stage using apt unless on Trusty where a build is done.
      * Add some symbolic links between packages
      * Flake8
      * Flake8:
      * Update mock packages to write their own source files
      * Create the stage because spec search does not create it any longer
      * updates after change of list command arguments
      * cleanup after merge
      * flake8
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    • Massimiliano Culpo's avatar
      Simplified YAML files for Github Actions workflows · c0077352
      Massimiliano Culpo authored
      Updated actions where needed
    • Massimiliano Culpo's avatar
      Group tests with similar duration together · a4b02396
      Massimiliano Culpo authored
      Style and documentation tests take just a few minutes
      to run. Since in Github actions one can't restart a single
      job but needs to restart an entire workflow, here we group
      tests with similar duration together.
    • Todd Gamblin's avatar
      docs: document releases and branches in Spack · 30388283
      Todd Gamblin authored
      - [x] Remove references to `master` branch
      - [x] Document how release branches are structured
      - [x] Document how to make a major release
      - [x] Document how to make a point release
      - [x] Document how to do work in our release projects
    • Todd Gamblin's avatar
      Remove references to `master` from CI · 5b63ec86
      Todd Gamblin authored
      - [x] remove master from github actions
      - [x] remove master from .travis.yml
      - [x] make `develop` the default branch for `spack ci`
    • Massimiliano Culpo's avatar
      Moved flake8, shell and documentation tests to Github Action (#17328) · fc94dde3
      Massimiliano Culpo authored
      * Move flake8 tests on Github Actions
      * Move shell test to Github Actions
      * Moved documentation build to Github Action
      * Don't run coverage on Python 2.6
      Since we get connection errors consistently on Travis
      when trying to upload coverage results for Python 2.6,
      avoid computing coverage entirely to speed-up tests.
    • Robert Blake's avatar
      Bugfix for #17999: use cudart instead of cuda. (#18000) · c064088c
      Robert Blake authored
      This is needed because libcuda is used by the driver,
      whereas libcudart is used by the runtime. CMake searches
      for cudart instead of cuda.
      On LLNL LC systems, libcuda is only found in compat and
      stubs directories, meaning that the lookup of libraries
    • Todd Gamblin's avatar
      bugfix: fix spack -V with releases/latest and shallow clones (#17884) · c05fa250
      Todd Gamblin authored
      `spack -V` stopped working when we added the `releases/latest` tag to
      track the most recent release. It started just reporting the version,
      even on a `develop` checkout. We need to tell it to *only* search for
      tags that start with `v`, so that it will ignore `releases/latest`.
      `spack -V` also would print out unwanted git eror output on a shallow
      - [x] add `--match 'v*'` to `git describe` arguments
      - [x] route error output to `os.devnull`
    • Patrick Gartung's avatar
      Buildcache create: change NoOverwriteException back to a warning as in v0.14 (#17832) · 8e2f41fe
      Patrick Gartung authored
      * Change buildcache create `NoOverwriteException` back to a warning.
    • Axel Huebl's avatar
      Hotfix: move CUDAHOSTCXX (#17826) · 50f76f61
      Axel Huebl authored
      * Hotfix: move CUDAHOSTCXX
      Set only in dependent packages.
      * dependent compiler
    • Todd Gamblin's avatar
      bugfix: fix spack buildcache list --allarch · 5f8ab693
      Todd Gamblin authored
      `spack buildcache list` was trying to construct an `Arch` object and
      compare it to `arch_for_spec(<spec>)`. for each spec in the buildcache.
      `Arch` objects are only intended to be constructed for the machine they
      describe. The `ArchSpec` object (part of the `Spec`) is the descriptor
      that lets us talk about architectures anywhere.
      - [x] Modify `spack buildcache list` and `spack buildcache install` to
            filter with `Spec` matching instead of using `Arch`.
    • Todd Gamblin's avatar
      architecture: make it easier to get a Spec for the default arch · aff0e8b5
      Todd Gamblin authored
      - [x] Make it easier to get a `Spec` with a proper `ArchSpec` from an
            `Arch` object via new `Arch.to_spec()` method.
      - [x] Pull `spack.architecture.default_arch()` out of
            `spack.architecture.sys_type()` so we can get an `Arch` instead of
            a string.
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  2. 28 Jul, 2020 6 commits
  3. 27 Jul, 2020 2 commits
    • Greg Becker's avatar
      add tutorial setup script to share/spack (#17705) · 9cc01dc5
      Greg Becker authored
      * add tutorial setup script to share/spack
      * Add check for Ubuntu 18, fix xvda check, fix apt-get errors
        - now works on t2.micro, t2.small, and m instances
        - apt-get needs retries around it to work
      Co-authored-by: default avatarTodd Gamblin <tgamblin@llnl.gov>
    • Todd Gamblin's avatar
      bugfix: don't redundantly print ChildErrors (#17709) · 8d8cf620
      Todd Gamblin authored
      A bug was introduced in #13100 where ChildErrors would be redundantly
      printed when raised during a build. We should eventually revisit error
      handling in builds and figure out what the right separation of
      responsibilities is for distributed builds, but for now just skip
      - [x] SpackErrors were designed to be printed by the forked process, not
            by the parent, so check if they've already been printed.
      - [x] update tests
  4. 24 Jul, 2020 17 commits