1. 09 May, 2020 12 commits
  2. 08 May, 2020 9 commits
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      all_urls: add urls[0] for versions (#16435) · f5844d3d
      Axel Huebl authored
      This adds the `url` alternative `urls` to `package.all_urls`. With
      this addition, one can find again new versions with
      `spack versions <package>` for packages that are populated with
      from mixin mirror `urls`.
      Example: `util-macros` from x.org mixin.
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      Config option to disable setting S_ISGID bit when creating installation directory (#14479) · e2d42672
      iarspider authored
      * Add config option to disable setting S_ISGID bit when creating installation directory. 
      Co-authored-by: default avatarIvan Razumov <ivan.razumov@cern.ch>
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      "spack checksum" QoL (#14311) · 08f449ae
      iarspider authored
      * Non-interactive mode for spack checksum; allow passing 'package@version' to spack checksum
      * Flake8 fixes
      * Update checksum.py
      Fix typo
      * Update spack-completion script
      * Automatically set non-interactive mode if more than one version passed
      * Update lib/spack/spack/cmd/checksum.py
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarAdam J. Stewart <ajstewart426@gmail.com>
      * Add documentation and update spack-completion
      * Flake8
      * Rename option
      * Update spack-completion
      * Update lib/spack/spack/cmd/checksum.py
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarAdam J. Stewart <ajstewart426@gmail.com>
      * Update checksum.py
      * Update stage.py
      * Update create.py
      Use batch mode when adding a new package
      Co-authored-by: default avatarIvan Razumov <ivan.razumov@cern.ch>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarAdam J. Stewart <ajstewart426@gmail.com>
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      Testing: fix unintended interactions between tests, part 2 (#16429) · 1ed564a1
      Peter Scheibel authored
      This fixes some errors with setting up test configuration. These
      errors do not cause current Spack tests to fail but do create
      red herring issues elsewhere (see #15666). Fixing these errors
      leads to more errors in tests that depended on the original
      misconfigured state, so those are also addressed here.
      This is an update to #16003 which accounts for some unit tests with
      conflicting config/mutable_config fixtures. These conflicts were
      not exposed until the mutable_config fixture was fixed. Details are
      included below. The change which builds on #16003 is prefixed with
      * For tests that use the real Spack package repository, the config
        needs to avoid using MPI providers that are not intended to be
        installed by Spack. Without this, it is possible that Spack tests
        which concretize the MPI virtual will end up trying to use an
        implementation that it shouldn't (e.g. one that is always
        provided externally). See #15666 for an example.
      * The mutable_config test fixture was not initializing the scope
        roots to the right directories (so the resulting config was empty).
      * The current_host fixture in the concretize.py tests was using the
        config fixture rather than mutable_config, and was polluting the
        config cache for other tests.
      * One test in concretize.py was clearing a nonexistent cache
        (PackagePrefs._packages_config_cache). This reference has been
      * The test 'test_preferred_compilers' was was depending on cross
        test config pollution to succeed. The initial spec before
        concretization has been updated to updated to be explicit about
        the desired result.
      * (new) For tests that use install_mockery and mutable_config,
        replace install_mockery with a separate install_mockery_mutable_config
        fixture that is exactly the same as install_mockery but uses the
        mutable_config fixture to avoid conflicts.
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      GDAL: add 3.1.0 (#16509) · d7bd070a
      Adam J. Stewart authored
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      Add Rust 1.43.1 (#16512) · 01030845
      Andrew Gaspar authored
  3. 07 May, 2020 19 commits
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      ADD New package revocap-refiner (#16499) · 4b65efa8
      h-denpo authored
      * ADD New package revocap-refiner
          """The University of Tokyo, CISS Project:
              Geometric processing, mesh processing, mesh generation"""
      * Modify     homepage = "https://github.com/FrontISTR/REVOCAP_Refiner"
      Modify    version('master', branch='master')
      Modify    depends_on('swig', type='build')
      Modify        install_tree('Refiner', prefix.include.refine)
      Delete         mkdirp(prefix.include)
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      Add new package: ganglia (#16382) · 762e74e1
      darmac authored
      * Add new package: ganglia
      * ganglia: fix the libexpat depends
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      Adapt to the latest Acts developments (#16385) · 14685ae5
      Hadrien G authored
      * Adapt to the latest Acts developments
      A long time ago, the Acts project (whose name was then capitalized ACTS) used
      to maintain multiple software repositories:
      - The heart of the tracking toolkit was located in the `acts-core` repository
      - Fast simulation extensions were located in the `acts-fatras` repository
      - Advanced usage examples were located in the `acts-framework` repository
      This multi-repository organization, however, has been a source of constant
      pain, which is why the various projects were gradually merged into a single
      mono-repo, called `acts`. Today, with the integration of `acts-framework`,
      this merging process is reaching completion.
      The present pull request adapts the Acts package to this evolution by...
      - Renaming the package to `acts`, reflecting the new repository name
      - Renaming the `test` variant to `unit_tests`, reflecting current CMake naming
      - Adding the new build variants that were inherited from `acts-framework`
      - Acknowledging the change of semantics of the `examples` variant, and only
        supporting the new ones (as the former variant was almost unused)
      - Liberally using alphabetical order to make the package code more readable
      - Recording a large number of conflicts, some of which are introduced by the
        merging of `acts-framework` and some of which already existed before
      - Using the new capitalization of "Acts"
      * Add acts v0.23
      * Update dd4hep version requirement
      * Add acts v0.22.1 bugfix
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      Add PGI version 19.7 and export OMPI variables (#16484) · edd60f95
      asmaahassan90 authored
      * add PGI version 19.7
      * use openmpi in pgi
      exporting openmpi enviroment variables when installed with pgi
      * fix lint
    • Todd Gamblin's avatar
      bugfix: spack shouldn't fail in an incomplete environment (#16473) · b196e439
      Todd Gamblin authored
      Fixed #15884.
      Spack asks every package linked into an environment to tell us how
      environment variables should be modified when a spack environment is
      activated. As part of this, specs in an environment are symlinked into
      the environment's view (see #13249), and the package calculates
      environment modifications with *the default view as the prefix*.
      All of this works nicely for pointing the user's environment at the view
      *if* every package is successfully linked. Unfortunately, right now we
      only track what specs "should" be in a view, not which specs actually
      are. So we end up calculating environment modifications on things that
      aren't linked into thee view, and the exception isn't caught, so lots of
      spack commands end up failing.
      This fixes the issue by ignoring and warning about specs where
      calculating environment modifications fails. So we can still keep using
      Spack even if the current environment is incomplete.
      We should probably also just avoid computing env modifications *entirely*
      for unlinked packages, but right now that is a slow operation (requires a
      lot of YAML parsing). We should revisit that when we have some better
      state management for views, but the fix adopted here will still be
      necessary, as we want spack commands to be resilient to other types of
      bugs in `setup_run_environment()` and friends. That code is in packages
      and we have to assume it could be buggy when we call it outside of builds
      (as it might fail more than just the build).
    • Eisuke Kawashima's avatar
      neovim: added v0.4.3 (#16410) · 05dcfe82
      Eisuke Kawashima authored
      Use neovim's vendored dependencies for 0.4 and later
    • Tomoki, Karatsu's avatar
      openfoam: correspond to build with Fujitsu compiler. (#15941) · 830f3f79
      Tomoki, Karatsu authored
      * openfoam: correspond to build with Fujitsu compiler.
      * openfoam: add rules for Fujitsu compiler (on linuxARM64)
      - the Fujitsu compiler is a clang derivative, so use a modified
        version of the clang rules if upstream does not supply anything
    • takanori-ihara's avatar
      Add new package:py-json5 (#16273) · 50a2690c
      takanori-ihara authored
      * Add new package:py-json5
      * Remove unnecessary line
    • iarspider's avatar
      New version of pylint + fix dependencies (#16443) · 8845358f
      iarspider authored
      * New version of pylint + fix dependencies
      * Update package.py
      * Update package.py
    • Glenn Johnson's avatar
      Install RMPISNOW wrapper in prefix.bin for r-snow (#16479) · 9c218079
      Glenn Johnson authored
      If using mpirun, the R sessions can be started with a wrapper script
      that helps set up the R session cluster. Put this wrapper in the PATH so
      it is easily accessible.
    • Adam J. Stewart's avatar
      py-shapely: fix unit tests (#16500) · 18e1e242
      Adam J. Stewart authored
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    • Adam J. Stewart's avatar
      Bazel: add new versions (#16493) · b14befe6
      Adam J. Stewart authored
    • Adam J. Stewart's avatar
      TensorFlow: add new version (#16494) · d2709fd3
      Adam J. Stewart authored
    • Kevin Manalo's avatar
      OpenMPI - Update to 3.1.6 (#16496) · e8753fe9
      Kevin Manalo authored
    • iarspider's avatar
      Add new version of Geant4 (#16497) · 638784e4
      iarspider authored
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      blis: FIX threads option, HPL: enable opemp variant for 2.3 (#16476) · d1983d73
      yellowhat authored
      * blis: FIX threads option
      * HPL: openmp variant is ignored for 2.3
      * blis: FIX flake8
      * blis: FIX spacing
      * Update var/spack/repos/builtin/packages/hpl/package.py
      Co-authored-by: default avatarAdam J. Stewart <ajstewart426@gmail.com>
      * hpl: FIX spec --> self.spec, FIX blas with amdblis
      * HPL: fix flake8
      * HPL: FIX flake8
      Co-authored-by: default avatarAdam J. Stewart <ajstewart426@gmail.com>
    • Elizabeth Fischer's avatar
      qscintilla (#16182) · 1aacdc4e
      Elizabeth Fischer authored
      * qscintilla
      * Revert "qscintilla"
      This reverts commit 00bd00ea3c5af4f29de5dd6961acf03fb51e2ea0.
      * Move logic to qt package.
      * flake8
      Co-authored-by: default avatarElizabeth Fischer <elizabeth.fischer@alaska.edu>