1. 18 Aug, 2021 4 commits
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      cmake.py: Improve documentation (#25467) · c869f363
      Erik Schnetter authored
      Add missing `self.` prefixes when calling `define_from_variant`
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      Add link_type documentation (#25451) · d00fc55e
      psakievich authored
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      Use a patched argparse only in Python 2.X (#25376) · 09378f56
      Massimiliano Culpo authored
      Spack is internally using a patched version of `argparse` mainly to backport Python 3 functionality
      into Python 2. This PR makes it such that for the supported Python 3 versions we use `argparse`
      from the standard Python library. This PR has been extracted from #25371 where it was needed
      to be able to use recent versions of `pytest`.
      * Fixed formatting issues when using a pristine argparse.py
      * Fix error message for Python 3.X when missing positional arguments
      * Account for the change of API in Python 3.7
      * Layout multi-valued args into columns in error messages
      * Seamless transition in develop if argparse.pyc is in external
      * Be more defensive in case we can't remove the file.
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      Add new pygments (#25455) · f444303c
      Harmen Stoppels authored
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