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# Sv2 # Sv2
This project contains the frontend (i.e. all the typescript code that is run buy
the webbrowser) for Strudel v2. It also contains the config files listing
login points and compute backends and applications that can be run on those
backends. The config files are json formated and should be understood by any
hpc-team member.
It does not contain the backend (i.e. code deployed as API servers)
that is located in a a separate repository.
It does not contain the resource selection dialog (this is specific to each
computesite sv2 can connect to). Its localted in a separate repo
The code here is compiled by a docker based gitlab-runner using the standard
CI/CD hooks and deployed as a static file to a web server. You should be able
to setup a dev environtment by looking at the gitlab-ci config
The documentation bellow was auto generated and should help you setup a dev
This project was generated with [Angular CLI]( version 1.7.4. This project was generated with [Angular CLI]( version 1.7.4.
## Development server ## Development server
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