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So you'd like to use VSCode, but your data is on M3. No problem. You want a VSCode remote server
The official VSCode documentation on this is here
By default, if you follow those instructions, you will end up running the VS Code remote server on the login node. Please don't do this, the login nodes are a shared resources and we would rather allocate you a resource just for you.
1. Setup VSCode (install remote server extension)
Please follow the excelent instructions here ... When you get to the section "Connect to a remote host" please come back here
2. Configure VSCode
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For your "SSH Connection Command" enter
ssh VSCode -o ProxyCommand="ssh <username> /usr/local/sv2/"
The proxycommand allows us to connect, not to the login nodes but to a node allocated just to you. This is different than a regular VSCode setup because youre on an HPC cluster, not a regular server.
3. Start remote server.
Using strudel2 login to CVL and select the VSCode application on the left. Fill in how many CPUs which GPU and how much RAM you need for how long and click launch
4. Switching back to vscode, Remote-ssh: Connect to host and select the VSCode host
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