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# Interactive python with VS Code
This page is mostly a place holder as we deploy this new feature.
This feature is subtly different than a VS Code remote server (which allows you to store your source code and data on M3), but it is closely related.
You should ensure VS Code installed on your local machien first.
When you launch a Jupyter session of any variety with strudel2, once its running, you should see a button labeled "Connect with VS Code". Clicking this button will give you a popup with a magic URL. Giving this magic url to VS Code (in the place where you normally provide your jupyter server) will give you a connection to M3.
Unfortunatley the URL changes each time you start a new jupyter
Fortunatly VS Code seems to have good clipboard integration, so once you've copied it to clipboard, it should appear in the list of kernels without having to delete the current value and retype
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