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* [Basic Python Concepts](03-BeginnerToAdvanced/BeginnerToAdvanced.ipynb)
* [Pandas Basics: Reading, Cleaning and Exploring Data](01-Incoming-survey/Reading-Cleaning-Exploring.ipynb)
* [Pandas: Handling Timeseries Data](02-Pandas-Timeseries)
* Pandas: Handling Timeseries Data
* [Melbourne Pedestrian Data](02-Pandas-Timeseries/Melbourne-Pedestrians.ipynb)
* [Melbourne Weather Data](02-Pandas-Timeseries/Weather.ipynb)
* [Pandas: Merging and Joining](04-Merging/MergeJoinIntro.ipynb)
* [Regression Models](05-LinearRegression)
* Regression Models
* [Linear Regression](05-LinearRegression/LinearRegress.ipynb)
* [Polynomial Regression](05-LinearRegression/PolyFitt.ipynb)
* [Multi Linear Regression](05-LinearRegression/Diabetes.ipynb)
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