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Add example notebook (with output) and survey data file.

Add links to notebooks in readme.
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Timestamp,Do you allow this information to be used anonymously?,Gender,Date of birth,Domestic or International student?,Country of birth,How many paid hours of work do you do a week?,What is the highest mathematics subject you have taken?,Rate your programming skill,Number of programming languages (including Excel) that you are competent with.,List the programming languages (including Excel) that you are competent with.,What careers and industries do think a degree in Data Science will lead to?
2020/03/08 10:38:02 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,20/11/01,Domestic,Australia,0,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,1,none,Data analytics
2020/03/08 10:55:47 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,27/8/01,Domestic,Australia,6,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,3,2,"Python, Excel","Data analytics and engineering in a wide range of fields including, but not limited to: business, healthcare, and various retail sectors"
2020/03/08 11:21:06 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,9/1/02,Domestic,Australia,0,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,1,Excel,I think a degree in Data Science will mostly lead to a career as a data scientest or data engineer in an extremely wide range of fields and industries.
2020/03/08 9:50:48 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,28-Oct-01,International,China,0,Other,,3,Chinese Cantonese English,
2020/03/08 9:53:33 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,26/2/01,Domestic;International,Australia,0,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,0,0,"Data scientist, marketing, cyber security, scientific fields"
2020/03/09 1:21:15 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,12/8/01,Domestic,Australia,14,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,2,2,"Python, Excel",Data Analytics in a variety of fields
2020/03/09 1:23:12 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,4/4/01,Domestic,Australia,0,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,3,2,"Excel, C#","Data scientist, business analyst, data architect. Cybersecurity, business analytics, law, science/research, marketing, engineering, robotics."
2020/03/09 1:42:03 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,,Domestic,,,Other,5,6,"Excel, Python, C#,C++,Matlab,Mathematica",AI based companies or sectors where data visualization and solutions are required.
2020/03/09 1:44:43 AM GMT+11,Yes,Female,15/5/01,International,China,0,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,2,"Excel, Word",Data analyst
2020/03/09 1:47:04 AM GMT+11,Yes,Female,21/12/00,International,China,30,Other,1,none,none,Data analyst
2020/03/09 1:53:03 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,4/9/01,Domestic,Australia,10,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,2,2,"Excel HTML & css on Dreamweaver(not sure what the exact language is called)","Data analyser, data miner, something in business analytics"
2020/03/09 1:59:58 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,16/9/01,Domestic,England,12,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,1,Excel,"A variety including, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Mining, Finance, in a plethora of industries as I know big data is collected by all companies, and I hope to use what I learn in this course to help me in whatever industry I choose to work in. "
2020/03/09 10:15:45 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,,,Australia,0,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,0,,"Business analytics, big data analysis, data within many other industries"
2020/03/09 10:27:02 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,12/4/01,Domestic,Australia,6,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,0,None,Hopefully a job in the health sector
2020/03/09 11:03:22 AM GMT+11,Yes,Female,19/1/02,Domestic,Australia,10,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,1,0,0,"Anything that includes data, and requires analysis of that data. Health, business, policy are all areas that I see benefiting from data science. In terms of careers, and aside from the obvious data scientist role, I believe any job that is heavily informed by data could follow from a degree in data science."
2020/03/09 11:05:37 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,23/2/01,Domestic,Australia,7,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,1,2,Excel and Mathematica (to a low degree),"Any business which requires handling of incoming streams of data; thus, any industry with consumers. Information is the new oil, and it falls upon us to collate data for a business to thrive. I may be looking into the degree with rose tinted glasses, but this is my view. "
2020/03/09 11:08:50 AM GMT+11,Yes,Male,26/2/02,Domestic,Australia ,6,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,1,1,Excel,IT or business
2020/03/09 11:20:19 AM GMT+11,Yes,Male,15/9/01,Domestic,Singapore,7,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,1,Excel,"Every major industry (agriculture, financial, medical/pharmaceutical, manufacturing etc)"
2020/03/09 11:44:58 AM GMT+11,Yes,Female,22/1/02,Domestic,Australia,0,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,1,Excel,"Data Analyst, Data Scientist - In industries such as IT, energy and marketing"
2020/03/09 12:13:14 AM GMT+11,Yes,Male,12/15/2001,Domestic,Philippines,0,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,2,"2, ","Word, Powerpoint",Programmer/Data Scientist
2020/03/09 2:04:06 PM GMT+11,Yes,Female,1/2/01,Domestic,Australia,10,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,1,Excel,"Many industries, business analytics, research, etc. "
2020/03/09 2:04:21 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,1/2/89,Domestic,Australia,32,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,3,1,Python,Lecturer. Education
2020/03/09 2:14:38 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,13/2/01,Domestic,Australia,0,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,4,5,"Visual Basic, C#, Python , Java and Excel.","Many technology industries really. Any organisation, company or business looking to improve any process, functions that they perform."
2020/03/09 2:58:29 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,31/7/01,Domestic,Australia,0,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,3,3,"Excel, Python, C#","Data Scientist, Applied Mathematician, Analyst. Can't think of an industry that cannot utilise data."
2020/03/09 3:27:03 PM GMT+11,Yes,Female,16/3/02,Domestic,Australia ,16,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,3,2,"Microsoft word, powerpoint, excel",Data scientist / analysist
2020/03/09 3:32:00 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,11/4/01,Domestic,Vietnam,0,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,1,excel,energy industry? not sure yet
2020/03/09 3:56:49 PM GMT+11,Yes,Female,16-Oct-01,,India,0,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,2,2,Excel and Java,"Data science degree leads to careers as Data Scientist, Data analyst, Data engineer who work in various industries such as healthcare industries and manufacturing industries."
2020/03/09 4:12:49 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,29/1/02,Domestic,Australia,0,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,1,0,n/a,Most of them
2020/03/09 5:40:02 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,12/9/01,Domestic,Australia,20,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,5,3,"Python, Java, Excel",Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer
2020/03/09 5:41:00 PM GMT+11,Yes,Female,26/10/01,Domestic,India,10,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,1,Excel,"Data scientist,data engineer, data analyst"
2020/03/09 6:50:20 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,12/10/01,Domestic,Australia,0,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,0,N/A,No clue
2020/03/09 7:06:19 AM GMT+11,Yes,Female,28/10/01,Domestic,Australia,8,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,3,1,Visual Basic,
2020/03/09 8:25:24 AM GMT+11,Yes,Female,8/5/00,International,China,45,Other,1,2,Excel Database,Analyis data in some industries and give some plans for the future according to the analysis.
2020/03/09 9:18:43 AM GMT+11,Yes,Female,13/8/01,Domestic,Australia,6,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,0.5,"Excel, am using it in lots of other classes so am learning quickly how to maneuver it.","Business analytics, marketing, forecasting, probably many more that I can't think of too. Working in large scale businesses for a/ in a team or as a solo data scientist in a small company. "
2020/03/09 9:19:40 AM GMT+11,Yes,Male,5/6/01,Domestic,China,0,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,1,0,None,"Data scientist, data engineer. It can be applied in all kind of industries."
2020/03/09 9:45:18 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,27/9/01,Domestic,Australia,12,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,1,2,"HTML, Excel","Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Mining Engineer, Data Architect"
2020/03/09 9:48:37 AM GMT+11,Yes,Male,9/12/01,Domestic,Australia,,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,1,0,,"Being able to analyse data could be useful in almost any industry. Being able to identify patterns in consumer activity for businesses can emphasise what consumers are most interested in, and where resources should be allocated to maximise the satisfaction of consumers and profit for the business. Additionally, I'd like to use data analysis techniques to assist in streamlining and sorting results in scientific research, to allow for more rapid progression in technology and medicine."
2020/03/09 9:52:00 AM GMT+11,Yes,Male,14/2/02,Domestic,Australia,0,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,0,NA,Data scientist
2020/03/10 10:41:39 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,8/2/01,Domestic,Australia,0,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,1,1,Excel,Being a data analyst or hopefully a data scientist at a large company. One of my interests aside from maths is sport so working in that industry would be a great way of combining two things I love
2020/03/10 11:01:23 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,29th November 2001,Domestic,United Arab Emirates,16,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,1,1,Excel,I think Data Science can primarily lead into the business industry where businesses will be looking to hire professional data scientists for the business. This degree also has the potential to lead into the Artificial Intelligence industry which is a big part of future technologies.
2020/03/10 11:47:44 AM GMT+11,Yes,Female,27/3/01,Domestic,Australia,25,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,0,0,"Cyber security industry, marketing/business, science/research industry"
2020/03/10 5:22:53 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,5/10/01,International,China,0,Other,1,0,0,data scientist
2020/03/10 6:10:23 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,20/1/02,Domestic,Australia,6,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,1,0,None,Data Analytics
2020/03/10 6:17:54 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,27-Oct-01,Domestic,New Zealand,0,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,3,2,"Excel & Java (has been a while though, used to do a bit of python also but don't remember most of it)","Should be useful in a range of industries; for careers, mainly jobs focused around analysing data and how it can be optimised for businesses"
2020/03/10 6:47:34 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,27/3/02,Domestic,Malaysia,35,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,0,,IT
2020/03/10 8:56:08 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,17/12/01,Domestic,Australia,,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,0,,Possible career paths with consulting or financial institutes
2020/03/10 8:59:57 AM GMT+11,Yes,Female,16/8/01,Domestic,australia ,0,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,1,1,excel,data analyst/cyber security specialist
2020/03/10 9:10:08 PM GMT+11,Yes,Male,8/1/02,Domestic,Australia,10,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,2,1,Excel,"Machine Learning Applications Retail Industry"
2020/03/11 2:37:37 AM GMT+11,Yes,Male,11.10.2000,International,Kazakhstan,0,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,1,2,had a little experience with C++ and Excel,"Careers: data scientist, data analyst, big data expert. Industries: IT, commerce, law"
2020/03/11 8:37:02 AM GMT+11,Yes,Male,6/11/01,Domestic,Australia,18,VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4,3,1,Python (I am also familiar with Google Sheets (My High-School did not permit excel) and Arduino),"A career as a Data Science in various industries including Finance, Insurance, Marketing and Civil Planning. As well as STEM based organisations."
2020/03/11 9:53:37 AM GMT+11,Yes,Female,3/1/01,Domestic,Australia,4,VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4,1,1,Excel,Research
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# ADS1001 PyData Resources
Nothing in the main repo at the moment, see the [Wiki](
For various resources and links, see the [Wiki](
## Example Notebooks - Incoming Survey
* [Reading, Cleaning, and Exploring Data](01-Incoming-Survey/Reading-Cleaning-Exploring.ipynb)
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