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......@@ -3,12 +3,16 @@ Aggregate is an ImageJ plugin that semi-automates the process of detecting prote
## Installing the Aggregate plugin
1. Please download the [latest release](
2. In ImageJ/Fiji, select Plugins -> Install PlugIn... and select the file `Aggregate-0.1.0.jar` you downloaded in step 1.
3. Restart ImageJ/Fiji.
## Using the Aggregate plugin
The aggregate plugin was built to detect aggregates in single channel 3D confocal image stacks of DAG3-GFP experessing fish muscle; however, it should work for any single channel 3D image stack where one wants to quantify the density of aggregates in a tissue.
Table 1: Common parameters
| Parameter | Description
| :-------- | :---------- |
| Estimated radius | Estimated radius of the aggregates in uM |
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