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      Add Google Sheets info to QS docs · 941b7a6d
      Stewart Craig authored
      Update documentation for QS scraping functions
      and data reflecting change to getting JSON
      URLs from Google Sheets document.
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      Change years of QS data · 689d1bd5
      Stewart Craig authored
      Change years in data/ur_data_qs.rda to reflect
      years of data available in Google Sheets reference
      document. This meant removal of some years that
      had previously been included in data set that
      are not listed in Google Sheets file.
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      Update QS NA handling · fddcff6a
      Stewart Craig authored
      Previously in QS scrape ran type conversion
      on data frame to detect data types. As part of this
      process also identified and converted values to NA.
      This led to errors when pulling data/ur_data_qs.rda
      data though as some years type conversion returned different
      types preventing building of single data frame. Updated
      to remove type conversion and instead just identify NA values.
  17. 05 Feb, 2019 2 commits
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      Add rankings to QS scrape tests · 6a9cf281
      Stewart Craig authored
      Update tests for QS scrape to include
      test for new rankings argument and tests for
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      Change QS URL source to Google Docs · 4edec4bf
      Stewart Craig authored
      Previously URLs for QS scrape were hardcoded
      into ur_scrape_qs. Update to read from external
      Google Sheets document instead as per Times scrape.
      Additionally add function ur_show_available_qs_data
      to show available URLs.
  18. 29 Jan, 2019 3 commits
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      Update fix QS scrape unit/gather bugs · c53b09b0
      Stewart Craig authored
      Additional update to bug fixed in f0ec54.
      f0ec54 fixed bug caused in QS scrape function
      due to use of .data$ in unite and gather functions.
      Replacing with tidy style variable names
      caused warnings of global variables when running
      package check. Replaced tidy style variables names
      with strings to prevent warning.
    • Stewart Craig's avatar
      Update QS scrape type parsing · 6c8ad5a0
      Stewart Craig authored
      Previously QS scrape parsed specific columns
      converting character type into numeric. This
      caused errors if pulling in data that did not contain
      those specific columns (e.g., subject rankings).
      Update to use type convert on full data frame instead
      of parsing specific columns."
    • Stewart Craig's avatar
      Fix QS scraper unite/gather bugs · f0ec5470
      Stewart Craig authored
      Errors were occuring in QS scraper due to use
      of .data$ for new variable names in unite
      and gather functions. Update QS scraper function
      to remove unnecessary .data$ references.
  19. 21 Nov, 2018 3 commits