Monash eResearch Centre GitLab Instance

STOP! FIT staff/students STOP!

Please note that this is the Monash eResearch Centre instance of GitLab. If you are an FIT staff member or student, do not sign up here!

Monash Faculty coursework Gitlab accounts can be accessed here and you can contact your Tutor or Lecturer for additional assistance.

New Users and Non-Monash Accounts

Non-Monash Google accounts as well as Monash accounts that have not been used to access Gitlab previously are blocked for added security. Accounts can be unblocked upon request by emailling to and copied to your Research Project Lead.

IMPORTANT Emails must include your account name and the relevant project's Monash Research Project Lead who will be required to authorise access.

Signing in?

Please sign in using your Monash email address and password. If you are using a Monash account and have been blocked, email and include the full text of any error messages that you have received.

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Monash eResearch Centre GitLab Instance