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A script to transfer a tree of data files from a remote server to a local
computer. This only runs on a destination un*x system and requires an ssh key
pair to be shared between the systems. See
for details on how to do this between a Monash Linux machine and ASCI.
import os
import warnings
from dataclasses import dataclass
import pathlib
# This isn't suppressing the warnings that fabric is generating; we need to
# investigate further
with warnings.catch_warnings():
import fabric
from fabric import Connection
This is a possible option for checksumming.
KERNEL_CHECKSUM=$(cpio --to-stdout -i kernel.fat16 < archive.cpio | sha256sum | awk '{print $1}')
SRC_PATH = "/data/13660a/asci/output/tar_test"
DEST_PATH = "/home/grub0002/bapcxi/vault/rubbish"
class Node:
src: str
dest: str
def tar_and_send_directory(node):
"""Sends all files in the node.src directory to the node.dest directory
across an ssh connection using the cpio command to tar the files into a
single tarball. The destination tarball is named after the directories
trailing the SRC_PATH. Permissions are set to r_x for group and owner.
node: Node object
Contains source and destination directories as follows:
src: full path to a remote node
e.g. /data/13660a/asci/input
dest: full path to a destination node
e.g. /home/grub0002/bapcxi/vault/imbl2018
if node.src == SRC_PATH:
filename = os.path.basename(node.src)
filename = node.src.replace(SRC_PATH+'/', '').replace('/', '_')
f"ssh {REMOTE_LOGIN} 'cd {node.src};"
f"find -type f -maxdepth 1 -print0 | cpio -o -H ustar -0' |"
f"cat > {node.dest}/{filename}.tar"
os.chmod(f'{node.dest}/{filename}.tar', 0o550)
print(f'transfer {node.src} -> {node.dest}')
if __name__ == "__main__":
# Get the directory tree from remote server as a list
with Connection(REMOTE_LOGIN) as c:
result ='find {SRC_PATH} -type d')
remote_dirs = result.stdout.strip().split('\n')
# Create a tree data structure that represents both source and destination
# tree paths.
tree = []
for src in remote_dirs:
dest = src.replace(SRC_PATH, DEST_PATH)
tree.append(Node(src, dest))
# Transfer all directory tree nodes
for node in tree:
pathlib.Path(node.dest).mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)
os.chmod(node.dest, 0o770)
# from IPython import embed; embed()
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