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Jinja template for symlink creation script

parent e76d9f86
orgnlfs={{ lustrefs }}
symlnkdst={{ localdir }}
# Check that original lustre filesystem is mounted, exit if it isn't
if [ ! -d $orgnlfs ]; then
exit 1
# Check that the symlink destination exists, has the correct permissions etc
if [ ! -d $symlnkdst ]; then
echo "Creating $symlnkdst as it does not exist yet";
mkdir -p $symlnkdst;
chown root:root $symlnkdst;
chmod 0755 $symlnkdst;
# Iterate over directories inside the original fs, create symlinks if they do _not_ exist
for subpath in `ls -1d "$orgnlfs"/*`; do
foldername=`basename "$subpath"`;
if [ ! -L $linkpath ]; then
#echo "Symlink does not exist";
ln -sT $subpath $linkpath;
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