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Adding PMIx capability

Damien Leong requested to merge add-pmix-clusterinabox into master
  1. Add new PMIx functionality to current slurm, So future compiled MPI programs can run on openmpi-3.1.4-pmix (PMIx only)

  2. Ensure PMI and PMI2 libraries are available for existing MPI programs, So existing MPI programs will still run on openmpi-1.10.7-mlx and openmpi-3.1.4-mlx (PMI, PMI2 and PMIx)

  3. Add a sym-link to current slurm with /opt/slurm-latest

[ec2-user@m3i001 ~]$ srun --mpi=list srun: MPI types are... srun: none srun: pmix_v3 srun: pmix srun: pmi2 srun: openmpi [ec2-user@m3i001 ~]$

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