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Version pinning and enableing the upgrade role to run at all times

Andreas Hamacher requested to merge centos76 into master
  • pinning Versions of MLX, Kernel and lustre in CICD/vars/vars.yml
  • a lot of magic on yum update * exclude versioned-stuffs in roles/upgrade/tasks/main.yml
  • trigger yum cache refreshing on repository changes e.g. enabling centos-staging in config_repos
  • bugfixes on testlustre ( whamcloud stopped publishing centos 77 rpms
  • refactoring etcHosts role. not supporting ansible_domain anymore. ansible_fqdn would also only work after a reboot
  • big refactor on mellanox_driver role. This now works perfectly for m3a010 and the two specified driver versions. The issue was kmod-mlnx-ofa_kernel.x86_64 4.5-OFED. vs MELLANOX_VERSION: 4.5-OFED.
  • pulling because it was not reviewed timely
  • pulling because it was not reviewed timely
  • replacing usage of ansible_fqdn and ansible_domain from postix role
  • pulling main logic from m3_force_upgrade into upgrade and ensuring this only happens if the kernel is going to change which is only allowed if the pinned version from vars/vars.yml is changing
  • consistent use of reboot module ( it works great ! )

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