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Xdmod role

Simon Michnowicz requested to merge xdmod-role into master

This will install a xdmod system on a CENTOS 7 (only) machine. As xdmod leaves mysql passwords (including root) in plain-text world-readable config files, use a unique VM to do this. xdmod can not be configured via ANsible. Use xdmod-setup to do that. This role does not include a Cron job to update info . Beaware that it needs slurm's sacct to import data. If you can not configure slurm on this machine, a simple sh script that ssh into a login node will suffice. Large data transfers may kill slurmdbd Suck in data via steps e.g. xdmod-ingestor --start-date 2015-07-01 --end-date 2015-08-01

We also include an Apache config file that uses basic authentication from a password file (you need to set this up manually)

To do: set up a https configuration

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