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Edit conda-install script

Kiowa Scott-Hurley requested to merge edit-install into master

I've made some small changes (<20 lines) in preparation of advertising the miniconda install script on docs.massive following some feedback.

  1. There is now a section that checks if the filepath to install miniconda in ends in /miniconda, and adds it if it doesn't, per Adam's feedback. Without this, if you try to install in /home/ksco0005 for example, I'll get an error about the directory already existing despite there being no conda install there.

  2. We run the lines of code that specify packages and envs should be stored in the install directory instead of $HOME - I don't know if there is a better place/time to run this step?

  3. I've changed SAMPLEENVNAME to mypythonenv to match the docs.massive terminology for consistency

  4. I've also changed the instructions for conda create to include "python=3.6" so Python gets installed with your env, per comments from Jaf and Adam on my draft Python docs.

Let me know if there's anything glaringly wrong, I am not a bash programmer.

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