Commit 2505a92b authored by Chris Hines's avatar Chris Hines
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change dev to use getapps-dev

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......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"dtn": "",
"cafingerprint": "ECDSA SHA256:6wVXdokvvlTNcXPMc9KyvIXA8a8XNfLuhBfNOYeeMdg",
"appCatalog": [],
"appCatalogCmd": "/usr/local/strudel2_cluster/latest/bin/getapps",
"appCatalogCmd": "/usr/local/strudel2_cluster/latest/bin/getapps-dev",
"cancelcmd": "/usr/local/strudel2_cluster/latest/bin/s2cancel {jobid}",
"statcmd": "/usr/local/strudel2_cluster/latest/bin/s2stat",
"userhealth": "/usr/local/bin/uijson",
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